Creedy Carver - Free Range Chicken

Creedy Carver - Free Range Chicken

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Creedy Carver Free Range Chicken - 1.9kg - 2.1kg! A local Devon business who we think are just brilliant.

"Founded in 1985 by Peter and Sue Coleman, as an addition to the family farm in Devon, Creedy Carver has specialised in producing the finest Chicken for over 30 years with a reputation for great flavour and a high meat yield."

"If we grant ourselves the right to kill other animals for food, then the least we can do is strive to give them the best life in our care." Peter Coleman ethos

Weight is 1.9kg - 2.1kg but this is an approximation as all Creedy chickens vary slightly.

Recipe Inspiration 

Try Jamie Oliver's Springtime Roast Chicken Caesar Salad for something a little different to the traditional Sunday Roast. Delicious!

Roast Calculator

Use the BBC Food's Roast Calculator to find your perfect meat cooking time based on weight and cut. 

What our customers are saying ...

"Fantastic Chicken. This was my second chicken and did not disappoint. Great flavour and succulent. Great local butcher." - Sue B.

All photographs for inspiration only! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Absolutely worth the extra money

Creedy Carver chickens are really tasty - so now I only buy these, but they sell really fast in the shop so I often have to go without! There seems to be a noticeable difference in flavour from these truly free range chickens and they seem to go further as well!

Sunday roast

Very tasty

Creedy Carver Chicken

Delicious roast - stuffed with fresh herbs and all the trimmings. Excellent value for money. Enough meat for a roast, pie and cold.

Really tasty chicken

Really tasty succulent chicken ..

creedy carver

None left but am sure it would have been lovely