Free Range Duck Breasts Pack
Free Range Duck Breasts Pack
Free Range Duck Breasts Pack
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Free Range Duck Breasts Pack

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We have Farm Fresh Free Range Duck Breasts in packs of two. What a treat!

IMPORTANT: Creedy are currently unable to supply fresh duck at the moment. This resulted from the situation they faced at the point that Covid became a problem. Consequently, they can only supply frozen for a period of time. Duck will therefore be supplied frozen. Don't let it put you off, they are still fantastic in quality and a great price!

Approx, 400g for 2.

How to cook duck breast so that it is fantastic as in the photographs, every time:

1:  Take the duck breast from the fridge. Score the skin only in a criss-cross pattern. This helps the fat render for that crispier skin. 

Salt it well on both sides, then let it stand for at least 15 minutes getting it to somewhere near room temperature

2: Pat the duck breasts dry with paper towels. Put 1 teaspoon of duck fat, cooking oil, or in my case, a dollop of soft butter (it worked beautifully), in a large pan. Non-stick pans are fine and I use one to good effect but they don't sear as well as a steel or cast iron pan.

Without turning on the heat, lay the breasts skin side down and use them to smear the fat all over the surface of the pan. Then and only then, turn the heat to medium-high. Don't preheat the pan! You want as much fat to render out as possible, so start with a cold pan. Odd, I know, but trust me.

Let the pan get hot, but do not let the fat smoke. The duck fat will mix with the butter and sizzle away.

Once the duck breasts start cooking, you will notice the skin contract. To give the breast an even sear push the skin flat with tongs or spatula.

3: Let it sizzle in the pan, skin side down. It will sound like bacon frying.

In terms of how long, it is a little bit of trial and error. I like my duck medium-to-medium-rare. The Creedy breasts are quite thick and so I gave it 5 minutes on a medium high (6 - 7 on a convection hob).

The key is to let the duck breast do most of its cooking on the skin side. It will give you that fabulously crispy skin on the photos. When you cook a duck breast, 3/4 of the total cooking time is on the skin side.

4: Turn the breasts over and you will see that skin is seared and is crispy!  Lightly salt the now-exposed skin immediately to absorb any fat and to definitely ensure you get crispier skin.

Let the duck breasts cook on the meat side for less time. I recommend around 4 minutes for Creedy. If you like it rarer, simply reduce the time. Most of the cooking will have been done on the fattier skin side.

Test the skin by giving it a finger press and if it feels right, the breast is probably ready. If you want, take the tongs and quickly sear the edges of the breast, particularly if you have reduced the time above to make it rare.

5. Onto a carving board, let it rest for a few minutes and then slice to taste and onto the plate and away you go! 

Recipe Inspiration 

Would you like some more inspiration? Try Jamie Oliver's recipe for Pan-fried duck breast with pak choi and asparagus. Taste those beautiful Asian flavours!

What our customers are saying ...

"Best in town! Every thing excellent. What more can I say." - Mrs P.

All photographs for inspiration only! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Suzanne L.
Tasty duck breasts

Really enjoyed these duck breasts and printed off the suggested Jamie Oliver recipe on your website which was really yummy! Will definitely cook future duck breasts in the same way again as they were perfect!

Eric L.A.
Great Alternative

When I arrived to pick up my Click and Collect order the guys were full of apologies as the selected Duck breasts were not available. They offered money back or an alternative frozen product. The frozen product was great! Well done Withecombe's service service service. I believe a true local buthcer offering excellent service.

Anne. D.R.w.a.f.h.o.t.t.R.t.a.t.

Delicious duck. Can't be beaten. Tender and tasty.