Chicken Breasts 5kg (Dutch) Multipack

Chicken Breasts 5kg (Dutch) Multipack

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Fresh chicken breast is proving incredibly popular at the moment. It is of course, brilliantly versatile as the key ingredient for many cooks, amateur or otherwise! It is also a relatively lean and healthy option, with the fat trimmed away. What is not to like about chicken breast?

We know that you love it and some of you are keen to buy more and more it seems! Our 5kg pack seeks to satisfy the need to plan your meals ahead, typically with the benefit of the freezer.

Either Dutch or English breasts are available in limited supply and first come first served, both are excellent, one is more expensive than the other (your choice but we would always prefer if you ate English!)

The pack contains around 23 fillets at an approximate weight of 5kg.

Recipe Inspiration 

For a quick version of a classic French dish, try Nigella Lawson's Tarragon Chicken recipe using these chicken breasts. Serve on a bed of steamed green vegetables and buttered new potatoes. Delicious!

What our customers are saying ...

"Great buy. Great value, large chicken breasts. Always reliable, unlike most supermarket chicken. Tasty, will buy again" - Kelly 

All photographs for inspiration only!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tasty 😋

Purchased these chicken breast to try as during lock down we have had some really tasty products from you...well again we were NOT disappointed they are tasty, cook up great, don’t lose size like the supermarkets!! And freeze well ...perfect!
Thanks will be back for more very soon!

Samantha M.
Great value, tasty chicken

This is our 3rd time ordering ordering these chicken breasts. We portion them up and put them in the freezer to last our family month. Much better than anything brought from a supermarket.


I ordered these as we eat a lot of chicken and thought these would be better value. I’ve portioned them up and popped them in the freezer so will have chicken for ages! Made honey and mustard chicken with them so far and they were tender and delicious

Leona H.

Good value for money especially for a family of 6. Much better than the supermarket!


Bought these for the first time and had them today. Meat quite chewy and the portions are quite small. Tasted ok, succulent, looked nice when cooked, no added water but will buy British next time to try them even though they are quite a bit more expensive.