Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin

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A fabulous cut of pork, tender and versatile with minimal fat. The basis of many excellent meals, including a particular favourite of mine - pork medallions. 

Each tenderloin is suitable for about 2 people. Approx weight 500g.

Recipe Inspiration 

Now this is what we're talking about! Try this Mexican Marinated Pork Tenderloin recipe by Maddie Rox (from Jamie Oliver's food team). This is a great one to dish up for relaxed dinner parties, or to enjoy at home on a Friday night. Served with warm tortillas, rainbow salad, salsa and lime wedges. A-mazing!

What our customers are saying ...

"Pork as it should be. Had a brilliant delivery including 2 pork tenderloin which were excellent quality and really tasty. I think the tenderloin is the best cut of pork and is pork as it should be." - Jonathan B.

All photographs for inspiration only! 

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Customer Reviews

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Anne. D.R.w.a.f.h.o.t.t.R.t.a.t.
Pork and ginger

Delicious, sliced and cooked with ginger, chives, dill simmered with eating apple and dash of apple cider vinegar.

Dawn W.

Always the best no matter what I buy dawn wort

Paula H.
Tasty pork tenderloin in a quick mushroom sauce

I finely sliced the delicious and moist tenderloin into medallions and quickly sauted them, sloshing in a good splash of Marsala (or sherry or Dubonnet) for a wonderful flavour and adding them to thickly cut chestnut mushrooms, sliced shallots, a small red pepper and lots of garlic + some finely chopped fresh ginger and herbs, all of which I'd sauteed previously. I then added a tin of condensed mushroom soup, diluted with some milk. After adding two fresh bay leaves, I put the lot into the oven for about ½ an hour. Delicious with steamed new potatoes or jacket potatoes and green vegetables.

Ian T.
Brilliant Tenderloin very succulent and not fatty or grisly

Lovely meat made lovely sweet and sour

Ian W.
Excellent quality and value for money

Pork tenderloin was really tender, tastey.
Will definitely buy again.