Leg Of Pork (boned and rolled)

Leg Of Pork (boned and rolled)

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A joint for 4 people. Pork legs are relatively low in fat compared to other cuts like the shoulder, creating a delicious roasting joint without the need to slow cook.

All weights approximate and 1 - 1.5kg (for 4 - 6 people).

Roast Calculator

Use the BBC Food's Roast Calculator to find your perfect meat cooking time based on weight and cut. 

Recipe Inspiration 

Try this Boneless, Herb-Crusted Leg of Pork recipe for a delicious and elegant easy roast. 

What our customers are saying ...

"Love this joint. The smell of it cooking is incredible & the taste is just perfect. A huge favourite for our family!." - Rachel B.

All photographs for inspiration only! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Fantastic meat, fantastic service.

Pulled pork, fabulous. Ordered at 7 pm Friday, delivered Saturday at 9.15 am. Brilliant service.

roger b.
Leg of Pork

The pork was ok and cooked well but the skin did not make crackling and i suspected it may have been a false wrap around. disappointing rubbery and went into the bin

David J.
Leg of Pork

Tender enough and nice crackling but the meat had very little flavour.

Sue S.
Crackling piece

Excellent piece of pork. Very tasty, easy cooking and carving. Nothing left! Must have been good. Definitely would have again.

Lesley C.h.o.s.g.j.m.i.t.m.s.f.f.
Roast pork

Lovely and succulent