Gammon Steak - "10 oz" - Unsmoked

Gammon Steak - "10 oz" - Unsmoked

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Our gammon steak is a thick cut of high quality meat and the centre point of a great grilled meal.  Serve it with chips and with pineapple, or a fried egg or two (or in my case all of the above). You can also try out our recipe suggestion below!

Approx. weight 280g per steak.

Recipe Inspiration 

Incredibly quick and easy! Try Delia Smith's Gammon Steak with Honey and Mustard Sauce recipe for a meal that's bursting with juiciness and flavour.

What our customers are saying ...

"Best tasting gammon we had in a long time" - Stephen H.

All photographs for inspiration only! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ian W.
Excellent quality and value for money

First time we've tried the gammon steaks, cooked up a treat, will be buying them again.

Martin R.

Thick would be how I would describe myself - I would not describe these gammon steaks as thick , I would describe them as big rashers of bacon.
To describe them as thick they need to be at least twice as thick as these.
I can honestly buy better in Lidl -you need to up your game

Martin, many thanks for the review. Of course, it is disappointing to hear what you have to say but it is important we know when the standards we set ourselves are not met. We will be in contact to discuss, apologise, refund or replace as is our normal policy

sam B.
Excellent gammon steaks

Very very tasty

Julie-ann P.
Gammon steaks

The gammon steaks were absolutely melt in the mouth. All meat not like supermarket bought processed pre-pack. Very tasty and simply the best!

Gorgeous Gammon!

Lovely gammon steaks again, very tasty. Thanks